SPX Flow Releases Universal 3 Series PD Pump

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Through its Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand, SPX FLOW large diameter shafts made from 17-4PH stainless steel reduce overhung loads, improve seal life and provide greater torque capacity; which enables the pumps to be used in higher

High Pressure Pump

Operating up to 170 GPM and 2,300 psi, the high pressure These pumps can be used for various types of fluids since the pump wet end is available in nodular cast iron, stainless steel or bronze. Large valve diameters ensure uniform flow and minimal

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

South Korea should maintain pressure on Pyongyang without disrupting cooperation However, after repeated tests of its intermediate-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching Japan, the improvement of missile capabilities has been confirmed.

Patrick Mahomes all-22 vs the Broncos: Buckle up

Generally speaking, the more pressure a QB is under all game, the more likely some happy feet snaps. Mahomes kept the number at a level I can live with, by and large handling phantom single open receiver in deep or intermediate routes.

High-Rise Hose Packs: What You Really Need

Some PRDs reduce flow by reducing the size of the discharge opening Inline PRVs are sometimes used to regulate pressure to entire sprinkler zones. Pump test reports usually consist of one or two full pages of graphs and figures. But they all have

Jefferies 5 Top Buy-Rated Oil Field Services Stocks for 2018

Benchmark West Texas Intermediate average of the other pressure pumpers. Top analysts believe its coiled tubing and cementing businesses could be higher returning than fracking and continue to generate healthy free cash flow generation for the company

2001 Corvette Z06 With 1,000 Wheel Horsepower

The 2001 Z06 made a serious statement and was a large step forward from the base car Butel took it from there, bolting on a set of aluminum Air Flow Research 230cc heads that really let the LS breathe when combined with a Tick Performance Blower

How Do You Boost Weak Water Pressure?

If you're on a rural well system, live far away from the water source or up on a large hill bet is probably to install a water pressure booster pump. You can get one for under $300, and they'll bump the flow all over your house. The downside to

Top 10 Best Bike Floor Pumps 2017: Which Is Right for You?

Presta valves can be trickier to use with a bike pump than Schrader valves. PSI output is another consideration. Having the correct tire pressure improves greater air flow with each pump for faster results. The gauge is large and easy to read.