Pumps at Shanghai gas stations to be made explosion-proof

SHANGHAI: Pumps at every gas station in this city will be outfitted with blast-prevention equipment, the municipal administration of work safety said yesterday. The move comes in the wake of a fatal explosion of gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene and

Chronology: Pump collapse, leak caused Venezuela refinery blast

(Reuters) - State-run oil giant Petroleos de Venezuela's released a report on Monday blaming sabotage for the deadly explosion and saying that several bolts had been intentionally removed from a gas pump. A separate technical report done by the Center

What if Sandy happened today?

Gasoline pumps failed. Much of that misery can be traced to 8:30 p.m. that night, when 14-foot waves breached a Consolidated Edison substation along the East River, triggering a blinding explosion seen turned into a flood-proof fortress.

Valvoline 300,000 Mile Engine Guarantee: Some Conditions Apply

Powered by a diesel of oil (10W-30, etc). There is a 1,000 mile grace period. So, oil must be changed at least every 4,000 miles. * When you do change your oil, track your oil changes here with us on-line. * Keep purchase or service receipts as proof

Search engine exposes industrial-sized dangers

They give companies central control of large numbers of pumps, generators, oil rigs and other operations "The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space." A KGB veteran later disputed the account.

Explosion Proof Portable Ventilators

Gases, vapours, & mists escape during the production, processing, transportation, and storage of flammable substances in the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the production of mineral oil and natural gas, in mining and in many other

Pumps at Shanghai gas stations to be explosion-proof

He said the pumps will be fitted with hypostasis anchorhold no-explosion (HAN) explosion-proof technology will allow for the safe storage and transport of gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene and liquid petroleum gases. Since 2006, 18 gas stations in