Hitachi Plant Technologies Wins Contract for 32 Pumps for Egypt's First Supercritical Thermal Power Plant

The El Ain El Sokhna Plant will have many seawater pumps, including circulating water pumps to supply total head of 57.1 m, and required power of 12,000 kW. *4 Barrel casing multistage diffuser pump: Multistage centrifugal pump designed for high

New range of air-operated transfer pumps available in SA

The air distributor system features an integrated control dial to select the air supply multistage centrifugal pump that is most commonly used for slurry transfer in South Africa. “The challenge with this type of pump is that one is pumping a lot of

High-Pressure Pump is intended for seawater desalination.

To even better serve this market, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal (Germany), has developed another high multistage Multitec-RO pumps is robust, and they are made from duplex stainless steel in order to cope with the very aggressive salt water

THIS is why we invest in science. This.

So what, right? Here’s what: using this technology — developed for rockets for NASA, remember — engineers designed a way to pump water more quickly and efficiently for fire suppression. The result is nothing short of astonishing: One series of tests

Canned Motor Pumps Market Trends, Dynamics, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis & Forecasts to 2021

Canned motor pump is a kind of sealless pumps. Canned Motor Pump is a centrifugal pump with hermetically sealed electric motor mounted on single shaft thus eliminating the requirement of mechanical seal or other sealing device Get a PDF Sample of Canned

Fracking the Bakken: Why North Dakota is the Next Hub of U.S. Energy

At this point, if Bell simply shut off the pumps 3.5 million gallons of water, enough to supply a town of 1000 people for close to six weeks. Lynn Helms, the head of the state's oil and gas division, said last year that North Dakota is "pretty much

When code can kill or cure

SMART pumps deliver drugs perfectly dosed are designing a machine to combine radiotherapy with high resolution computed tomography (CT) and positron-emission tomography (PET) scanning. Their aim is to supply, at zero cost, everything necessary to

Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amended in 2007)

circular water pump, valve of main steam loop high temperature and pressure which is over 400oC work temperature and 20Mpa of work pressure (2) Manufacture of the equipment of Over million kilowatt Nuclear-power plant (limited to equity joint ventures and

Report from the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

For the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference we had the theme “Rethink Energy, Act Now!” And we want to show that it is possible and urgently needed! In the host-city of Rotterdam almost all high rise buildings pumps to reduce the supply temperature