Investment Pros Like These U.S. Stocks In 2018

Many stock mutual fund managers are basking in the warm glow of 2017's hot performance numbers for the broad The company acquired CareFusion, a maker of infusion pumps (which deliver medical liquids over time), in 2015. And last month Becton Dickinson

Study Confirms F-Bombs Actually Help People Tolerate Pain

Ever mutter or shout a series of curse words when you burn your finger on a hot stove, stub your toe Adrenaline is released, the heart pumps faster and we become more enabled to overcome an aggressor or make a swift getaway. Swearing helps many

Mothers loved this startup’s smart breast pump. VCs were grossed out.

The breast pump the suction over a broader area of a woman's breast. Alvarez said the Naya delivers 30 percent more breast milk and is 20 percent faster than alternatives, thanks to a unique water-based system. The company is also planning to sell

It sucks: Startups look to redesign the breast pump

Because they are considered medical devices, breast pumps sold in the U.S Medela , a privately held Swiss company, started selling its best-selling pump for home-and-work use in 1991, after realizing there is a market for it beyond hospital use.

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The city's bid for the multibillion-dollar investment hinged on a four-mile stretch of the Metro rail that runs from downtown to the Texas Medical Center The dispensaries would produce and sell low THC cannabis to some 150,000 patients with intractable

Canada’s Cannabis Market Could Be About To Explode

to distribute or sell to other partners or through its own distribution channels. The company already has partnerships with 39 clinics, with access to over 30,000 registered medical marijuana patients. Partnership agreements have been signed with 17

Marijuana stock scams: Don't let your money go up in smoke

With medical marijuana now legal in almost 20 states, shares of companies selling anything related to the drug are being touted as the latest "hot stocks." While such offers may sound tempting, federal regulators are warning they could actually be "pump

Naya Health raises $3.9 million to build a better breast pump

Its suction is more efficient than that of like over- or under-supply on a given day. The Naya Health pump is still not available in stores. That’s in part because the company can’t sell and ship it to customers until it attains regulatory