Journey to the flameless age

It was winter, and on that cold day a hot cup of coffee was what I needed you had to hit the piston again. Pump stoves are still in vogue. Then in the 1970s came liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG. It quickly gained popularity as it was easy to use

Is the hot tub hammock genius or just a soggy lilo?

The multi-purpose Hydro Hammock, launched on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter this month, operates both as a suspended hot tub or a water bed placed on sand charged or powered by LPG (liquid petroleum gas), weighs. But the device is said to

How to limit your dependence on Eskom

The energy from the sun is collected by means of the solar collector to heat water or another heat transfer fluid. This energy is then transferred directly or indirectly to the water being heated. A domestic hot water heat pump is a very efficient water

Experts see another boost in gasoline costs

Experts are predicting pump prices, which jumped by And untreated gas evaporates more quickly in hot weather, potentially causing vapor lock when it changes from a liquid to a gas and blocks fuel lines. The federal government long ago required refiners

Inside the Edmond, OK, Hazmat & Training Facilities

Because some areas of Edmond have limited water supplies, the department has three tankers, all with pump-and-roll capability for These included incidents involving gas leaks or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline spills, chemical releases and

Storm Aftermath: Continuing Coverage

At U.S. Petroleum on Main Street in New Rochelle, two miles up Boston Post Road from the Bronx border, the man on the phone reported all was well. “No lines,” the man said. “You can get all day, no problem.” The big question on Day 1 of gas

How We Could Save the World From Global Warming Before Our Time Is Up

These changes can, will, and already have impacted agriculture, ecosystems, water supplies, economies just switching from traditional biomass cookstoves to more efficient Liquefied Petroleum Gas or biogas stoves throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin

Letters from readers

After 20 years, I have not spent 1 cent on maintenance, and I have enjoyed the benefits of consistent and satisfactory hot water. When I raised the What we are experiencing at the pumps is a liquid petroleum crisis. No amount of solar panels, windmills

Energy Is Becoming Cleaner And More Plentiful — Whatever The Price Of Oil

A careful observer might note the chunky double glazing on the elegant windows and the heat pump whirring outside the sealed by a handsome cast-iron hatch. Gas and then electric lighting, central heating and hot water came later. But the revolution