Boiler Users Gain Advantage From Vertical Turbine Pumps

According to Weir Minerals Africa’s dewatering product manager, Kevin Roelofse, many users of boilers experience the problem of cavitation or pitting of impellers in the centrifugal vertical turbine pumps have a low NPSH double suction first stage

HI releases 4 updated ANSI/HI pump standards.

Parsippany, NJ, – The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has announced the release of four updated publications: Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pumps for diffuser, double casing, in-line, floor mounted (VS8), Vertical, volute, double suction, wet pit (VS2

How It Works: Water Well Pump

Jet pumps create suction in a rather novel way. The pump is powered by an electric motor that drives an impeller, or centrifugal pump and placing the jet assembly down in the water (see Double-Drop Jet-Pump System diagram). In a typical deep-well

Pumps provider expands range, adds new services

The pump’s large-capacity bearings are capable of withstanding high loads, thus ensuring long bearing life. The double suction problems. However, he adds that diesel sets cannot be mounted at an angle, as the diesel engine must operate on the

The power behind the Industrial Revolution

English contingent This international effort culminated in the work of two Englishmen: Thomas Savery, who took out a patent in 1698 for a pump which worked by condensing steam in a cylinder to draw up water with the consequent suction; and Thomas Newcomen

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ather+Platt’s new horizontal split-case centrifugal pumps and features a single suction, twin volute casing design to transfer the flow medium at between 20m³/h and 600m³/h. For the high duty market, the singlestage double suction LR-series