In Palm Springs, to Pool Hop Is to Time Travel

What is it about the swimming to the airy, high-ceilinged barn and rectangular pool, lined with 20 intimate, dark-wood bungalows tucked under the shady canopy of desert foliage. I spent three happy days hopping from pool to hot tub and back again

Swimming Pools: Alternatives to Chlorine

Pros/Cons: Bromine remains stable at high temperatures, which is why many technicians recommend it for spas more than swimming pools Also, ionizers depend on moving water, so you must run the pool pump continuously to keep the sanitizing action

Now Is The Time For Pool Winterization

The first step is to close the swimming pool clean, said Linda Schoeck last week at her Westhampton Beach business, John’s Pools & Spas Make sure the water remains at the right level—while not rising too high—to help alleviate some of the

Your pool could help save your home in a fire

it's quite inexpensive to provide a level of protection for your home when you have a built-in or above-ground swimming pool. Don't count on the built-in power for the pool to pump the water. You must count on the fire pump you purchase as the power for

New York City's posh hotel and condo pools are (mostly) available to all

The Pool Deck boasts several spa pools to suit every need, from the Aqua Bar where you can sip virgin cocktails and juices while 360-degree jets massage pressure points throughout your body, to the Hinoki Bath steeped in hot mineral water.

You can drown after you leave the pool

About 400 pool and spa drownings occur involve children under 5. With secondary drowning, a swimmer inhales water, either due to a near-drowning incident or sudden rush of water -- as might happen when jumping from a high surface or exiting a water

Check out the world's largest pool, latest in design

Take a dip in the world's largest swimming of the pool," the publication states. Other pool design trends, according to the guild, include ledges, LED lighting, pools with clean lines and knife edges, fire and water features, illusion spas and creating

Hotel hot tubs fail inspections, wait weeks before re-inspection

The Holiday Inn’s pool had a loose guardrail and the chemical levels were too high. City records reveal the facility waited six weeks before getting a re-inspection and passing grade. At the Sheraton Inn in Uptown, the spa was sucking too much water and

The basics of pool ownership: Making it easy

Learning the basics of pool ownership from an expert can make taking care of your pool easy — allowing you to spend more time splashing in the water and relaxing in the sun. Norman Lynch, owner of Unique Pools, Spas and with a high-quality equipment