Against the Odds

Lawson thanks the industry’s political champions for maintaining their support for biodiesel in the face of significant pressure from Big Oil and its stout political describes its Super technology as a single-stage process that puts no limit on

Mineral Processing Technologies: Showcased at the CIM Conference

Hydro-Clean® is a high-pressure cleaning grade in one stage,” says Rasmussen. Spiral and electrostatic separators, along with a new KAD (Kelsey Axial Displacement) Mill, were among the mineral processing technologies showcased by DownerEDI

The short, brutal life of a racing piston

Around 9:00 p.m., after 198 laps, the No. 70 car retires due to an oil-pump failure. Hinchcliffe Several hours and 150 laps later, the No. 07 car bows out due to high-pressure fuel-line issues. For the third year in a row, the Mazda team packs up

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Pulls the Wheels

Larger supercharger: 2.7 liters versus 2.4 liters Increased boost pressure: 14.5 psi versus 11.6 psi Higher rpm limit: 6,500 rpm versus 6,200 rpm Fuel: Two dual-stage 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon receive one full-day session at Bob Bondurant School

13 Must-Know Tricks to Max Out Your Road-Trip MPGs

Take 5 minutes and check the levels of all the fluids (oil, transmission, brake)--and don't forget the battery electrolyte. Checking manual transmissions, rear axles and transfer Staying near the high end of the recommended pressure range improves

Imaging three-dimensional tissue architectures by focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy

Transfer specimens to the Ensure that the stub is firmly mounted on the stage and that nothing is loose. Mechanical instability of the stage will lead to irregular slice thickness. Insert a high vacuum pressure limiting aperture into the pole piece.

Gulfstream Unveils G500 and G600

The dual 3,000-psi hydraulic system, filled with phosphate ester fluid, will be powered by high capacity, left and right engine-driven pumps, plus a left-side electrically powered aux pump and a left-to-right power transfer system. There will be no need

The New Oil Landscape

Five of the three-story-high tanks in front of us contain oil; the sixth, everything else. That’s what Connell is here to transfer to a waste-disposal well are driven under high pressure down wells drilled into deep layers of shale, creating

More bang, less buck: How car engine tech does more with less

and moving them around thousands of times a minute generates waste heat. Sucking air into a cylinder at a lower engine speed is also harder than doing it at 6000 rpm. Accessories like the water pump and alternator all suck away some power, too. Careful