2017 Bentley Bentayga first drive

It has plasma-spray cylinder linings, both port and high-pressure direct injection, three separate water pumps (block the new-gen 911 Carrera with manual transmission, and half a second quicker than Lexus’s new GS F ultra-performance midsize sedan.

'Fly Away' Jacks

Compact design includes two manual hand pumps (one high pressure - low volume and one low pressure All have dual manual and air-operated pumps and chrome-plated cylinder and plunger bores. For more information visit malabar or call (805

All The Gritty Details On Chevy’s New 755hp LT5 Powerhouse!

The intercooler's cooling system is similar to the engine's, with both its heat exchanger and the radiator grouped together near the front of the car, with pumps pressure in the cell. With these problems overcome and special ultra-high flow fuel

Pilot Report: Dassault Falcon 8X

There are five engine-driven pumps and one electrically driven balance function that transfers fuel from high to low tanks at the touch of a button on the overhead panel. In addition, the pressure refueling system has been modified to allow faster

2011 Ford Mustang Gets New 305 HP V6, 30 MPG

Examples include: The new Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system which eliminates the drag of an engine-operated hydraulic power steering pump Six-speed transmissions using electronic solenoid valves to direct high-pressure oil to control vanes

FOX 2013: New CTD damper, 34 forks and more

Climb' mode offers the firmest feel and most efficient ride, closing off all of the damper circuits save for a single blowoff piston with a high threshold last year's Smart Pump teaser was just a precursor for FOX's new Intelligent Ride Dynamics

Why is my hand tingling?

There are many different causes for your hand help pump blood and bring them back to your heart. Over time, arteries can start to pump less blood, whether they become stiffened due to plaque build-up or you have a low resting blood pressure.

Pit Stop: Run Modern Heads on an Old 11:1 LT-1 Short-Block

I wouldn’t have said this 10 years ago, but if you approach the build as a complete coordinated package using modern aluminum heads, high-tech camshaft and have it live on pump premium unleaded gas. On the other hand, I wouldn’t try to do this

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Better gaming keyboards, wrist phones, and more

“A normal keyboard forces the wrists to bend towards the pinky side of our hand,” Sevilla says on his Kickstarter campaign page. “Rotating Raise’s halves lets you keep your wrists at a neutral angle, decreasing pressure and strain over tim

Replacing a Bad Power Steering Pump

To swap out your power steering pump, you should need only basic hand high- and low-pressure lines from the pump body (and the reservoir hose if the fluid reservoir is mounted remotely). Have a catch pan handy for the fluid that will drip. As service