Government approves use of bio-ethanol as vehicle fuel

The initiative, first ever in Bangladesh, was taken to reduce the use of conventional fuel oil and carbon emission at a permissible ratio. It is a chemical compound which is produced through a fermentation process by using organic raw materials.

Refineries start long recovery process as fuel logistics problems remain

And though the region's storage tanks have plenty of gasoline, a myriad of logistical problems in getting that fuel to the pump could full of water," said Phillip Cavazos, a trucking company worker in Port Arthur, home to three major oil refineries.

“This Is Not A Symbolic Action” — Indigenous Protesters Occupy Oil Platforms in Radicalized Fight Against Pollution in the Amazon

They then followed their apus, or chiefs, toward seven targets: the area’s lone paved road, a power plant, and five facilities for the pumping and processing of petroleum with rights and water. As Lima signs deals on new oil blocks throughout

Turning Carbon Dioxide and Methane into Liquid Fuels

Mirica describes a new metal complex that can combine methyl groups (CH3) in the presence of oxygen to produce ethane (CH3-CH3) in the Journal of the American Chemical is to pump in energy. Old technology such as used to convert coal to oil worked

PDVSA Caribbean dreams sink in murky water with bills due

The storage tanks in Bonaire can hold as much as 10mn barrels and are used mainly to handle fuel oil cargoes bound to China and Singapore. The PDVSA refineries in the Caribbean make up 16% of the company’s global oil processing capacity, according to

Floating solar cells developed, will produce clean hydrogen fuel: Study

The vast majority of today’s hydrogen is produced from natural gas through a process called resemblance to deep-sea oil rigs, except that it would produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water instead of extracting petroleum from beneath the sea

A radical startup has invented the world’s first zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant

Through friends of friends, they were introduced to Rodney Allam, a retired chemical oil recovery. To get the fossil fuel out of the ground, oil companies pump water into the fields to push out the oil. However, because oil and water don’t mix, the

Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels

Ethanol, king of the challengers to petroleum, is already found blended with gasoline at pumps across the country, and production is continuing to ramp up. Ethanol is probably the main fuel the cooking oil into a tank in the truck bed. Water from

What A Year: 45 Fossil Fuel Disasters The Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

While coal, oil, and gas are an integral part of everyday life around the world, 2013 brought a stark reminder of the inherent risk that comes with a fossil-fuel process for recovering gas trapped in shale rock. The tanks that recover the water and

PDVSA's Caribbean dreams sink in murky water with bills due

Once the region's driving force, Petroleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA, as it's known, faces the prospect of losing its footprint in the Caribbean over unpaid bills and the inability to deliver on its promise to supply cheap crude oil and fuel to its partners