Pumps operational again at Grovetown gas station; no more water in gas

He was called back out to the Grovetown station the same week after the samples failed the lab tests after finding water in the gas. The pumps are operational of Agriculture inspected a Grovetown gas station Wednesday morning after hearing several

Oil & Gas Development : Water pump etc.

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Water found in fuel pump supply at Olathe gas station

They were able to confirm that the tank containing premium gas has water in it. "If we find a pump that is dispensing water, we will take that tank and all nozzles at that station off sale. And until they fix that problem, they are not allowed to sell fuel

Man seriously burned at Springfield gas pump dies

SPRINGFIELD, Mo A Florida man seriously burned while pumping gas at a Springfield gas station has died. Investigators say Chad Richards, 55, was filling up his vehicle at a gas station when a spark ignited nearby gasoline fumes on November 12. Richards was

Michigan Gas Station Pumps Fuel ‘Grossly Contaminated’ With Water, Kills Car

Dear ABC News water. I immediately filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. An inspector went to the gas station the next day and found that the premium fuel was grossly contaminated with water. He said the owner told him the pump

US Motor Works Revamps Fuel Pump U And Water Pump U Websites

US Motor Works LLC (USMW), a provider of automotive and heavy-duty engine parts, has announced the latest changes to the Fuel Pump U and Water Pump U websites, with easier navigation to its brands. The company says it is easier than ever to navigate to any

3 men arrested for alleged gas pump skimmer scheme

Kenner police arrested three Florida men after discovering a skimming device on two gas pumps at a convenience store Due to the high demand being placed on the water system as a result of freezing temperatures and water leaks, all residents in St

Local gas pumps closed because of water in tank

State investigators ordered a Richmond gas station to stop selling premium fuel earlier this month when several inches of water was found in an underground tank. The investigation, done by the Indiana State Department of Health’s Division of Weights and

Workers pump mud into leaking natural gas well in Gulf

Workers are pumping mud into a well in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Louisiana, to try to stop a natural gas leak that is also leaving a sheen on top of the water, federal officials said Wednesday. The wellhead is about 70 feet above the ocean's surface

DEQ finds Rover Pipeline spilling water containing gasoline into wetlands

PINCKNEY, MI - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued a violation notice on Friday, Oct. 13, to Rover Pipeline for discharging water containing petroleum into wetlands near Pinckney. Rover Pipeline LLC - which is building a 713-mile gas