World’s First Submersible Solar Water Filtration System Launches Global Distribution of the Award-Winning Savior™ by Natural Current LLC

The patent-pending and award-winning Savior™ Solar Pool Filter Appliance literally pumps and filters swimming pool and spa water for free, using only the sun’s energy. Pool and spa owners can save up to 100% on their energy bill by utilizing this

Matt Gohlke: Be prepared for freezing weather

Backwash the filter as necessary — It is very important to have good water your main pump is on during the first freeze just to be sure that your freeze sensor is operating properly. Other pumps in the system (pumps for waterfalls, spa jets, etc.)

Natural swimming ponds include live plants, eschew chlorine

But, when construction is completed, it also will be the filtration system for a backyard swimming pool and hot tubs to kill bacteria that can spread disease. Used in concentrations of 1 to 4 parts per million, chlorine helps keep pool water at the

Top 7 new innovations for pool maintenance

Glass beads can be used in existing sand filters once the sand is removed and will filter 1500% better – down to 3 micron. The glass beads take up less space in the filter and reduce water Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and Swimming Pool Allied

Accessorize your pool with the latest extras

An organizer will keep all items from pool floats to swim goggles off the ground and allow them you can control everything from the pool temperature, spa mode and filter pump settings to the spa heater. According to Martin, this is a luxury item

Tips for winterizing your pool, pond or fountain

An azure blue swimming pool sparkles in your backyard and add them to the remaining water. The chemicals will help to prevent staining by minerals in the water and kill algae. Disconnect and detach the pump, filter and hoses. Store them in a safe

Swimming Pools: Alternatives to Chlorine

And if you use just bromine in the pool (not the BCDMH compound), it leaves the water a dull green color that foams up when you swim in the pool pump around the clock. What it is: An ozonator is a machine that attaches to the filtration plumbing

Now Is The Time For Pool Winterization

But with the change of seasons comes the time for swimming pool winterization John’s Pools & Spas Executive Manager Stanley Schorr explained that some of the equipment—including the heater and filter—are drained, while the pump is detached