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NETZSCH delivered NEMO® pumps in all 316 stainless steel U.S. pet food manufacturer When a leading U.S. pet food supplier encountered difficulties with its wet dog food processing line, the company realized that the sanitary rotary lobe pump it

ContiTech : Food processing

For this reason, the T2 series, the second generation of the Tornado rotary lobe pump manufactured for the food and beverage industry and for which, as a result, all the parts that come into contact with foodstuffs are made of stainless steel.


HYGIENIC LOBE PUMPS HELP TO SMOOTH THE SUN CREAM PROCESS Malibu Health Products is a private manufacturer of sun care and related products. Inoxpa SLR 2-50 sanitary lobe pumps constructed in hygienic 316L stainless steel Inoxpa SLR Rotary Lobe pumps

Guide of Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Industries

(4) Manufacturing of nickel-saving stainless steel products 17 Highly efficient dewatering equipment ; 5-grade plus high efficient fruit juice condensation equipment;equipment for Disinfection of powder food in Media; Aseptic packaging equipment

City will thank funders, then open park

William Milliken will serve as special guest of honor and is expected to throw the switch that will pump water from a 1,500-gallon tank through misters, sprinklers, and a stainless steel arc that executive director of Rotary Charities, are to follow.

Highway Robbery – Why Are NYC Tolls So Expensive?

The Lincoln and Holland tunnels’ tolls are $14 round trip. Since just about everything but kosher food is more expensive in NYC, the costs of operating the Verrazano Bridge are probably greater than for the Mackinaw Bridge, but I can’t see them being

Deep brain optical measurements of cell type–specific neural activity in behaving mice

Recent advances in genetically encoded fluorescent sensors enable the monitoring of cellular events from genetically defined groups of neurons in vivo. In this protocol, we describe how to use a time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC)–based fiber

German engineering plastics supplier paves way in South Africa

Wefapress is involved in numerous charity projects in Port Elizabeth, ranging from donations to the Algoa Bay Rotary Club of products for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries and are also involved in medical-grade orthopedic implants

DJI Will Turn Off Your Spark Drone if You Don't Update Firmware by September 1st

The good news: As Gizmodo noted in its review of the Spark, the drone itself is awesome, packing the feature set of a much larger drone into a small and capable package. So if the issues have been fixed, there’s not much to worry about.

12 Days of Deals at Amazon: Top 10 Best Sales of the Day

And on the twelfth day of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals, my true love gave to me: deals for “Tinselly Crafters and Jingle Rockers.” Yes, Amazon once again presents more opportunities for great savings during the holiday season and today it’s all about