"Top Cap" Installed on BP Oil Leak; Effectiveness Remains to Be Seen

The top cap is in place. How much oil is it actually capturing, though? The Coast Guard says we won’t know until later in the day, but plenty is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. After failing to cut through the riser with its fancy-sounding diamond

Waterworld Star Might Rescue The Gulf w/Update

and while they look very much the same as the machines in the videos, perhaps there is a reason they are feasible now. the ones i googled have industrial uses, perhaps running them was cost prohibitive, but with a spill like this, perhaps they could be run

Fox News is 'Just Asking Questions' About the Safety of Vaccines

Fox News, the president’s favorite TV channel, is just asking questions. But not about anything important. Last night, most people were talking about the explosive revelations that Donald Trump Jr. sought to collude with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on


The wider and taller modular cargo area features 450, 540 or 630 cubic feet 1980 Mack R686ST Fire Truck, rebuilt 300HP w/10K miles, 5 spd, diesel, 2,200 Gal., engine brake, Camelback susp., 12K F/A, 40K GVW, pump, deck gun, suction hose, tank dump