Interview: When leak-tightness is paramount

Gas-related equipment a vacuum pump as we utilize the Venturi effect. Not even an electrical connection is required. A leak detection test is always carried out when a leak can put the product quality at risk. Packaging, typically for food or products

Functional by Design: Dry and Refrigerated Storage

These areas require smart planning, and the right design and equipment additional food product beyond what the number of physical seats might indicate, of course, but takeout packaging is bulky and can consume significant dry storage real estate.

More than just cleaning: Dry ice blasting for mould cleaning

Based in the Swiss Rüthi, Säntis AG is a leader in the field of co-extruded multilayer films and injection-moulded packaging solutions in the food and non-food sectors 08/04/2017 - The new generation of dry ice blasting machines by Asco is aimed

Flexible Impeller Pumps: Set for Greater Things in Food Applications

VFDs are said to be an excellent choice for food processing applications, as they allow operators to fine-tune processes while reducing costs for energy and equipment maintenance displacement pumps and can pretty much pump air," notes Evans.

5 Kitchen Tools for the High-Tech Chef

An immersion circulator is a machine that creates a controlled water bath: a pump food in a Ziploc bag instead and get 98 percent of the results." But there are other reasons he swears by the vacuum chamber machine. Because this machine sucks the air

New 'high pressure certified' seal to hit stores in the next 90 days

Does the world need another packaging seal? Real estate on most food labels is limited marshmallows or other dry solids with pockets of air that would cause the product to collapse under water pressure (HPP machines can subject products to 87,000

Crawford County food inspections for October 2017

Mechanical ware-washing equipment not being operated sink in the restroom to remind food employees to wash their hands. 4. There are fruit flies in the drain of the mop sink. 5. Mops are not being hung to air dry.) Violations: 2 (1.

Fly strips, fish wrapped in rags and other violations cited at Montco eateries

Hot honey sauce held past use date; fish thawing in original packaging jacket hung on food storage rack in dry storage room; bowl of washed wooden bamboo skewers on top of the dish machine; food handler lacking hair restraint; food uncovered in

Plastek grows into a regional powerhouse

Plastek is a major force in packaging, running more than some turning-stack molds that do in-mold assembly, pump out the parts, many of which then go to Plastek's more than 35 automated assembly machines. Many parts are correctly oriented by the