One American Mine Versus China's Rare Earths Dominance

They are critical ingredients in the super-strong magnets found in wind turbines and hybrid—electric vehicles. Solar panels, compact fluorescent lighting, and fiberoptic cable pump a slurry behind a dike," Smith tells me. "And, of course, the water

Guide of Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Industries

(7) Production of environment-friendly printing ink and environment-friendly arene-oil (8) Production of nature spices, synthetic spices and single ion spices (9) Production of high capability coatings, water pump (17) Manufacturing of high power DC

Megastorm Aftermath

NARRATOR: The electrical But the pump was not waterproof. When it failed, the dominoes started falling: no pump, no power; no power and these crucial machines stop working—air compressors. Verizon pumps air into its copper cables to keep water

Solar-powered pump motor designed

Pump manufacturer Grundfos has developed a motor, the MGFlex motor, which is able to run off solar power or mains pump is able to handle domestic pools up to 75 000 ℓ in capacity. The solar-powered pumps allow access to water where conventional

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists

Metafilter user not_the_water gathered the advice from articles, online courses, podcasts, live talks, and a drinking game. Some highlights: Certain themes run throughout: Narratives need character and tension. Collect story ideas everywhere and keep a file.

PG&E Hit Hard By Antioch Copper Thefts

Copper wire continues to be snatched from the East Bay city of Antioch this year, and that’s translating into a big problem for Pacific Gas and Electric – considering how much the utility relies on the material. Since the first of the year, 300 power

Alt-Right Activists Call for Google Boycott After Employee Is Fired for Anti-Diversity Paper

Google fired a software engineer yesterday in response to public outrage over the man’s 10-page screed against women being represented proportionally in tech companies. But the firing has become a call-to-arms for alt-right voices on the internet who are

How The Grid Works, & Why Renewables Can Dominate

In a word, yes. But to understand further, we must understand how we produce and distribute power today. Part of the difficulty lies in the concepts we use to understand the electrical power system. A simple model might show just one power plant and one

Politicized sustainability threatens planet and people

“Resource depletion” claims also fail to account for new technologies that increase energy and mineral reserves, reduce their costs—or decrease the need for certain raw materials: copper cell phones, pump a little water, power a few light