F&R NDEQ Clean Diesel Cost-Sharing

Program has extended the application deadline for rebates for two types of rebates — diesel refuse truck replacements, and agricultural irrigation pump diesel engine replacements. The deadline for these two categories has been extended to Feb. 15.

Hybrid solar diesel bore pumps for cotton and sugarcane

“In cotton ninety per cent of energy use in irrigation is from diesel, the remainder is from grid connected pumps,” Mr Welsh said. “While in sugarcane ninety per cent of power for pumps is sourced from the grid.” Mr Welsh said the grid connected

Solar irrigation pumps gaining traction

getting interested in solar irrigation pumps due to their financial viability and lower cost. A farmer has to pay Tk 3,000-Tk 4,000 for each bigha of land as irrigation charge during a crop season for diesel or electricity run pump, whereas for solar

Agricultural pumps market explored in latest research

This has led to the use of diesel-powered generators, which are not considered as an economical option. These countries can be seen as potential markets for solar pumps for irrigation purposes. Apart from this, countries in South America and Africa are the

India Wants To Switch 26 Million Water Pumps To Solar Power Instead Of Diesel

The pumps are used by farmers throughout the country to pull in water for irrigation, and currently rely on diesel generators or India’s fossil-fuel-reliant electrical grid for power. Pashupathy Gopalan, the regional head of SunEdison, told Bloomberg

Solar water pumps wean Indian farmers from archaic grid

Mumbai: India has a novel idea: Wean farmers from archaic power lines and expensive diesel fuel to run their water pumps with solar energy. The government is looking to swap 26 million groundwater pumps for more efficient irrigation models powered by the Sun.

Top Trends in the Global Agricultural Pumps Market - Technavio

This has led to the use of diesel-powered generators, which are not an economical option. These countries could be potential markets for solar pumps for irrigation purposes. The benefit of using solar pumps is that they make the use of photovoltaic cells

Six farmers in Gujarat village join to trap sun — and power the grid

Pravin Parmar, 29, has always used a diesel a banana-growing farmer in neighbouring Anand district, who was roped in by IWMI to experiment the income generation model. In the four months since Raman Parmar’s solar-powered irrigation pump was

India Plans to Install 26 Million Solar-powered Water Pumps

s government wants to replace 26 million groundwater pumps for irrigation with more efficient pumps that run on solar power, in an effort to relieve farmers of high costs of diesel fuel. Diesel generators are commonly used when grid power is