Diesel Tech Questions

Shawn Smalley at Mobile Diesel Service also suggested doing such upgrades as installing a bigger compressor wheel in the turbocharger and installing a wastegate controller, along with a good high-pressure oil pump. Those little mods leave your engine

Four turbos are better than three: BMW debuts new quad-turbocharged diesel engine

Specs for the new unit, codenamed B57, were published just recently after the engine was announced at the 37th International Vienna Motor Symposium. Munich's newest diesel pumps out through multistage turbocharging; two high-pressure turbos and two

How To Make An Old Dodge Ram As Good As Its Cummins Diesel Engine

Filtration and water separation are some of the key factors at play when maintaining a diesel pump, which is a low-pressure pump that moves fuel from the tank all the way up to the next pump: The injector pump. The injector pump on the 24-valve Cummins

Common fuel-related problems and solutions

This won’t always be possible due to the often complex layout of some modern engines. Modern diesel engines have very fine injector nozzles that operate under extremely high pressure fuel pump. This can also help remove any build-up of water from

A History of Landmark Pumps and Waterworks: ASME Milestones

He developed an engine which used a vacuum created by condensing steam from a pressure compound pumps, as well as diesel and electric pumps. This relatively simple pump used windpower to turn an Archimedes screw and move water. It was operated in

First Look: Ford's All-New 6.7-Liter V-8 Power Stroke Diesel Engine

SCR uses diesel exhaust fluid, a urea-based solution (32.5 percent industrial urea and 67.5 percent deionized water), that’s injected as a fine mist into the engine so on our low-pressure feed lines into the high-pressure fuel pump there’s

HOT ROD’s Favorite Products From The 2017 SEMA Show! #TENSEMA17

ProCharger promises 300 additional pump-gas horsepower on time, engine speed, vehicle speed, throttle percentage, and/or manifold pressure. Part number 16008 works in naturally aspirated or boosted applications with gasoline or diesel.

The Next Step for the Shale Boom: Using Chinook Engines as Fracking Pumps

Engines which once moved marines around Iraq and Afghanistan, are now being used to move millions of gallons of water in the state of Louisiana. Two Louisiana companies believe that using retired military helicopter engines to pump the millions of gallons

The Top Automotive Engineering Failures: Oldsmobile Diesels

Typically, diesel engines have more and stronger head bolts to compensate for the diesel's higher cylinder pressure to omit a water separator in the fuel system. During that time period, water-contaminated diesel was quite common, and high-quality

DTech’s Remanufactured Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Injector Addresses Injector Performance Problems

Fuel contamination is a problem for diesel truck eventually allowing water to pass into the fuel system, rusting the injection pump and injectors, which can lead to complete engine failure. Poor lubrication of the high-pressure pump from water or