A timeline of inventions

But not the vacuum cleaner have been made for a mixer belongs to L.H. Hamilton, Chester Beach and Fred Osius. In 1910 the trio formed the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company to make a mixer that looked similar to machines used to make milk shakes

Exhibitors highlighting technology for moving and handling materials

Chemineer Inc. (Booth W4377): Exhibiting its Kenics product line featuring the Kenics KMX-V Static Mixer and Kenics Heat Exchanger gravimetric blenders, vacuum dryers, liquid color pumps, auger feeders and pneumatic loading systems.

Ultraflex Induction Heating Systems Successfully Melt and Cast Nickel-Iron Alloy Samples from Powder and Shavings for Spectroscopic Analysis

The induction heating system from the Supercast Pro series used in this demo has been developed specifically for sample preparation and QC testing in research, recycling, foundry or metallurgical facilities. It comes with a built in vacuum pump and Argon

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists

I only remember one practical writing lesson from my three years as an English major: Whenever you can, put the best bits at the end of the sentence. Put the next-best bits at the beginning, and put the rest in the middle. This trick works in every kind of

Generation Apnea

Sullivan built of a vacuum cleaner and attached it to a handful of plastic tubes. He then took a diving mask and coated the edges with a silicone sealant that prevented air from leaking out of it. Soon, he had a system that allowed him to pump air

Thieves Steal ATM With Forklift in Daring Arkansas Heist

It’s a lot harder to “take the money and run” when the cash you want is trapped inside an ATM. But some daring thieves in Arkansas recently used a forklift in their effort to do just that. The thieves crashed an enormous CAT forklift into the drive

Transferring whole genomes from bacteria to yeast spheroplasts using entire bacterial cells to reduce DNA shearing

Direct cell-to-cell transfer of genomes from bacteria to yeast facilitates genome engineering for bacteria that are not amenable to genetic manipulation by allowing instead for the utilization of the powerful yeast genetic tools. Here we describe a

NCBI ROFL: That's one miraculous conception.

Oral conception. Impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. Case report. [Ed. note: There is no abstract, so we’re including most of the original article below. It’s a bit long, but trust us–it

Gulfstream Unveils G500 and G600

Both aircraft have forward and aft vacuum lavatories will be built in-house, a first for Gulfstream. This required investment in CNC mills and other automated manufacturing processes, along with an autoclave used for age creep forming of wing skins.


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