Female Expert: Good Industrial Design Helps Create Happy Life

Zhang Jian, an expert in industrial design from Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning the sales of high pressure vacuum pumps have surpassed 1,000 within six months, while the annual sales before were less than 100. The price of the pump has also

2017 The Year In Review For Women Founders And Funders

Using data that takes people’s daily lives into account instead of traditional measures allows under-banked people in emerging markets to both obtain a credit score and secure a micro-loan using giving more access to small business owners and female

Sectors which are likely to gain from GST tweak

Higher levy will pressurise Indian producers to source yarn and fabrics at a cheaper rate from China and Indonesia. Indian synthetic sector's growth rate is stagnated due to factors like high price several micro and small-scale pump and spare parts

Forget China: Here’s why the next manufacturing boom could come from space

These days, it’s hardly exotic to see a “made in China” sticker slapped on your favorite the first test of its manufacturing equipment in a vacuum chamber that simulates the micro-gravity environment of space – a major milestone, Rush said.

Egypt's solar industry has attracted $1.8 billion of investment - BNEF

China accounted for the vast majority of this The use of photovoltaics in micro-grids, pay-as-you-go battery/lantern systems, water pumps, and even mobile phone towers is proliferating. Often, these efforts have flourished organically, unencumbered

Illegally mining Russia's 'Baltic gold'

Kaliningrad, Russia - From a distance, it looks like Alexander is operating a makeshift vacuum cleaner desperately trying to grope for something precious at the bottom of a small amid an amber boom in China that sent prices up and redrew the world

Why the Biggest Bitcoin Mines Are in China

The miner also collects small fees that users voluntarily s labs in Shenzhen in southeast China for a proper rebuild. Every moment the rigs spend unplugged, potential revenue slips away. Given the price of bitcoin at the time I visited Ordos, each

17 Great Gifts for Father's Day 2017

Thermos won by a single degree Fahrenheit after three hours, but with the smallest profile and lowest price it became the undisputed sublimates water away with an atmospheric vacuum, spray dehydration pumps the brewed coffee through an atomizer with

Thinking small

Five companies, located in America, Britain, Canada, China And some small-reactor designs have an important advantage over bigger reactors. Because less heat is generated, small water-cooled reactors can use simpler designs relying not on pumps