Cosmetics molder Yonwoo raises $53 million in IPO

Yonwoo, based in Incheon, has sizable injection molding capability in Korea, and said it’s grown rapidly focusing on airless pumps and other cosmetics but in a 2013 interview with Plastics News , company executives said Yonwoo spends at least 8

Growth in Global Manufacturing Output to Drive the Global Linerless Labels Market Through 2020, Says Technavio

With economic conditions improving in many developed countries and consumers' disposable income increasing in developing countries such as China, India Most packaging designs such as tubes, airless pump sprays, and pump closures provide convenience

Airless Wonders : O.C Firm Reinvents the Bicycle Wheel

In California, an Ontario company has begun manufacturing the tires, and a Hong Kong company has been signed up to make them for the world's largest bicycle market, China. So far, airless tires of having to patch and pump up flat tires, O'Donnell

8 Ways Magnetic Levitation Could Shape the Future

Japan's MLX01 clocked in at 361 mph in 2003—the highest speed yetfor a Maglev train—but China is reportedly developing a train that will double that speed. And by operating within airless tubes equipment such as pumps, generators, motors, and

The story of the invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing as well

Chiang’s engineers were having trouble figuring out how to pump the electrolyte liquid through the system so Duduta stuck his arms into the black rubber gloves of an airless research box—known as a glove box—and began to hand-make cells.

365 days: The science events that shaped 2015

China and the United States detailed measurements of how the solar wind strips away Mars’s atmosphere over time, leading to the mostly airless world that Mars is today. And 11 years after arriving at the Saturn system, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

Dazzled and drenched

Many Southeast Asian cities, who are connected by a “water culture” not to mention a network of low-cost carriers, respond to the Sun’s call for a hot, airless summer by cooling down with water. From Jinhong in Armed with pump-action water