Durian demand skyrockets in China

They need cooler weather at night to set fruit after His company sells mainly Malaysian Musang King durians to China and has expanded with more carefully chosen plantation sites in Laos and Vietnam to meet Chinese demands for the fruit.

Markets Live: China spooks investors

China below the wholesale price of $1.06 and the Melbourne pump price of $1.24. Today, the retail price for unleaded petrol in Sydney increased slightly to $1.07, compared to $1.22 in Melbourne, according to petrol price monitoring website MotorMouth.

Streetwear Brands Balance Retail and Wholesale Growth

“In the past there were fewer brands, more retailers and fewer e-commerce sites. Independent retailers swelled in popularity within Japan, China and the U.S. and opened multiple stores and wholesale accounts before it faded. In 2009, Nigo left

The knock-off sneaker trade: from Putian, China, to fans everywhere thanks to Reddit, e-commerce and the globalisation of counterfeiting

The replicas Kevin wears are recreated expertly in China, marketed on social media, sold over reputable e-commerce sites and delivered discreetly coup in the fashion world by making Adidas seem cooler than Nike. The popularity of Yeezys and shoes

New York regulators crack down on fake reviews

Many people have long suspected that review sites are polluted with “astroturf” campaigns from companies paying an army of pieceworkers to post fake reviews and pump up their averages of “water armies” in China that post fake reviews on

Gasoline prices spike across Midwest after refinery outage; local prices hit $2.90

Wholesale prices began rising soon after, said Speer, but that it typically takes longer to affect retail prices at the pump drivers paid the highest gasoline prices in months on Wednesday, the result of a major refinery outage near Chicago, according

The world's water-coolers

At least, that is what numerous websites allege; also that it has ties to al-Qaeda (Full disclosure: the editor of The Economist sometimes attends.) Because the meetings are off the record, they are catnip to conspiracy theorists.

How does fast charging work? Here’s every fast charging standard compared

So how does fast charging work 15W (1.67A). Pump Express 3.0 has other advantages over Power Express 2.0. It’s compatible with any USB-PD adapter that supports 3V to 6V at 5A+, and any cable that supports 5A. Shenzhen, China-based OnePlus licenses