The Approaching U.S. Energy-Economic Crisis

I was recently asked to give a talk called, “The Approaching US Energy-Economic Crisis.” In other words if the United States wants to outsource a great deal of its manufacturing to China, the energy consumption used in making these goods will

War in the fifth domain

Websites it again.” China, in particular, is accused of wholesale espionage, attacking the computers of major Western defence contractors and reputedly taking classified details of the F-35 fighter, the mainstay of future American air power.

Lithium nirvana beckons for Australian miners

"There's things like the spa, pool pump, air conditioner, cooking "We are firm believers if you roll forward 10-15 years you'll see wholesale changes in power grids and energy storage," said Stephen Wood, portfolio manager with UBS' Smaller Companies

Energy storage: Power revolution

Grid-scale batteries face competition not only from 'virtual storage' systems that manipulate power demand, but also from other energy-storage technologies. Well-established alternatives include pumped storage hydropower, flywheels and compressed air.

Neocons Make Rubio Their Favorite

increase air strikes in Iraq, increase naval activity in the China Sea, [and] reverse the ‘normalization’ of relations with Cuba.” Rubio further differentiated himself from Trump and “America Firsters” in a Weekly Standard feature article

Why Southern Nevada stinks at recycling

An air blower separates lighter paper from heavier paper These tidy packages are sold to distributors, who typically ship the bales to China out of Long Beach or another West Coast port. Items that can’t be recycled are set aside and redirected

the unsung hero of clean energy

Are we moving farther away from achieving our nation’s ambitious clean air commitments? Clean air isn’t an abstract is expected to begin generating electricity in China next year, and four reactors under construction in Georgia and South Carolina

Amid Wheeler-Dealers, an Urban Playground

TEEMING with international high-rollers, glittery skyscrapers and construction cranes, China's sophisticated capital of business Merchants demonstrate everything from bubble-blowers to Chinese yo-yos; others beckon passersby to sample tea and gelato.