Discover the steering market prime services, production & applications to 2022

Steering market pump, an electric motor is used to create hydraulic pressure for the system. The EHPS segment of the steering market is projected to grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the benefits offered by the technology, such

The Fed says the economy is doing just fine

The Cleveland District said the steel industry continued to struggle because of the strength of the dollar, competition from imports (particularly from China), and low but the market for service technicians is very tight, putting upward pressure

China searches for solution after being hit by natural gas shortage

Cabs wait in long lines for gas in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province in December 2017. Photo: VCG This winter, the supply of natural gas in China is more acute than ever before. "It was a mess when the natural gas pipeline pressure

China’s war on smog chokes Shandong industries, smokes out fuel kiosks

There is no official information on shutdowns, but refinery sources say wholesale gasoline and said this month China was still facing “huge pressure” to meet politically crucial 2017 air quality targets. The MEP’s plan to cut emissions in 28

18 bright ideas for 2018, from flying taxis to companion robots

Social robots already on the market in China regularly travel at more than 260 m.p.h., while the Japanese have tested one that hit 375 m.p.h. Even more advanced is the idea of hurtling passengers through vacuum tubes where there is no air resistance.

CBN Pumps $9.96bn into FX Market in Six Months, Attains Stability

wholesale forwards, SMEs, and Secondary Market Intervention Sales (SMIS). A market analyst who spoke to THISDAY said the forays by the central bank in the past six months have helped in eliminating the pressure on the forex market, ensured exchange rate

China launches world's No.2 carbon trading market

“This is an important step for an ever-closer cooperation towards a robust international carbon market and low air pollution earlier this year renewed pressure on the government, which aims to cut carbon emissions by as much as 45 percent before 2020