Gear Pumps Solve Viscous-Flow Problems at Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

JWT's major commitment is to high-quality cold heading wire to supply the fastener As originally installed, the system employed a progressive cavity pump for the polymer metering service. The pump did not stand up to the service: sheared pins and

The Lingering Reek of Smell-O-Vision

Some tricks, such as the THX system that provides high-quality sound that Todd Jr. pump laughing gas into the audience instead, since the film's acting and script seemed to him nearly as sparse as the aromas. Smell-O-Vision's proponents made technical

Four firms named finalists for Processor of the Year

The finalists for Plastics News’ Processor of the Year Award are parts has to have first-rate technology. MTD does cavity separation, in-line vision inspection and has high-level quality inspection equipment. MTD uses Sarix micro-EDM technology

Markets Live: CBA leads ASX turnaround

High time to sign off and get some rest steel output hurts demand while the world's biggest suppliers raise production further, according to a former chief economist at Rio Tinto, who said China would do well to demolish unneeded mills.

Weichai Power Announces 2016 Annual Results

The Company has been progressing its adjustment gradually The gearboxes has been successfully applied in high-end vehicle models by mainstream manufacturers China, and has been sold to the US, the Netherlands, Austria, Belarus and other countries

Blow Molding Machine produces bottles for medical products.

The design allows very high cavitation loop variable volume pump eliminates the need for accumulators. A B&R closed-loop microprocessor control permits fine tuning of critical injection parameters to maximize container quality and consistency.

U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence

These measures primed the pump for the burst in drilling that began once oil prices started rising sharply in 2005 and 2006. With the world economy humming — and China crucial oil suppliers like Venezuela and Libya were unstable and high energy