How to Auto-Milk a Herd of Cows in the Middle of a Burning Desert

So, Al Safi Farm employs an 11-inch bronze and nickle alloy CHC submersible turbine pump located 1000 which allows the machine to milk a cow in a distinct way from the human hand or calf mouth. A continuous vacuum is applied to the inner liner

Barefoot innovators

Milk-master: Raghava Gowda of Murulya village in Karnataka is a primary school teacher with some farm land and a small dairy farm. It was shortage of skilled labour to milk cows that prompted him to make a simple hand-operated milking machine. As milking

Greed and wanton destruction destroyed Alabama's oyster harvest

Imagine, back in the golden age of the railroads, miners in Colorado and cattle merchants worked like a giant vacuum, sucking up all the baby oysters to be found in huge areas of the bay. Of course, an indiscriminate machine wouldn't just pick up

Freezing Semen

So it's not surprising that stallion owners are becoming increasingly interested in what's involved in freezing semen. Freezing semen isn't for every stallion owner, of course. The lab equipment required a small portable vacuum pump, and inserted

History of Moser Farm Dairy, an Ellington Icon

Milk deliveries were made by horse and buggy until the early 1900s. As motors replaced horses, things started to change. Milking machines, as seen next to the delivery truck on the right, replaced hand milking in the history of Moser Farm Dairy

Farmers create their own power

This could be deadly to livestock since the vast majority of farms today rely on electricity to pump water, heat and ventilate buildings, run milking machines and automatic running at his home farm and two stationary gas-powered generators at two

Automated agriculture: Can robots, drones, and AI save us from starvation?

Hand milking is rare today — after all, who wants to spend hours a day squeezing cow teats and suffering the jealous glares of calves? — as farmers have been using machines to pump milk for Autonomous farm equipment isn’t simply a convenience

A timeline of inventions

By February 1902, teams of men from Booth's British Vacuum Cleaner Company were turning up at homes with a five-horsepower engine and a huge hose fitted with a filter for cleaning carpets. Two years later, he introduced an electric-powered machine weighing

Modern milkman: CNY native owns largest milking machine collection in Northeast

He bought it for $450 and keeps it in his office, along with bookcases full of milking machine manuals than early hand-powered models, and could milk two cows at once. The machines were manufactured until the early 1920's. At one farm show, a man

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists

I only remember one practical writing lesson from my three years as an English major: Whenever you can, put the best bits at the end of the sentence. Put the next-best bits at the beginning, and put the rest in the middle. This trick works in every kind of