The toilet, re-imagined: four water-saving designs

But Caroma, an Australian manufacturer of commercial and residential bathroom products, has one-upped the dual flush toilet with its Profile Smart 305 the efficiency by eliminating the need to pump fresh water into the bowl. And think about that

Take a peek inside your future home

The magic lies in its "smart soil" which, according to its website, is a nano-technological growth medium that guarantees plant roots an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients check out even more gadgets from your future home.

Teacher Starts Using Meth To Lose Weight — Then Loses Everything

The stained mattress on the floor beside an orange mini-mart booth [used as] a table finished off she already took four classes where she injected oranges with water. ‘SO WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?’ It was fantastic drama for my first time shooting

The Secret Bunker Below London's Secret Bunker

Even if they’d followed the right-turners down a smart but unremarkable staircase they Trying to sleep with the racket of the air supply system, the slurping of water pumps, the stink of chemical toilet, the scurry of rats, the tickle of spiders

Six Stealthy Energy Hogs: Are They Lurking in Your Home?

These devices function much like mini-computers that communicate often goes unnoticed: the pool pump accounts for 70 percent of a typical pool's energy use and seven times that of a refrigerator. The pump keeps pool water circulating and passes it

Alkaline water chilled to 21 degrees, $900 straws and red toilet paper: Beyoncé's tour rider reveals her diva demands

The 31-year-old singer is said to have a list of specific requirements for every venue on her Mrs Carter world tour and her mandate includes alkaline water, new toilet seats and bizarrely red toilet paper, according to reports. Beyoncé has also requested

Ford Should Look Long And Hard At This Homemade Focus Pickup

I know Ford has no plans to introduce a genuinely compact pickup truck to the U.S. market (they need big ones to haul away all that F-150 money), and I expect even the new Ranger won’t be that small, so I think it’s important to see the lengths people

Forest Service Rents Cabins for Campers

An outhouse with vault toilet and drinking water is available from a hand pump outside the cabin. Bedding and pillows are not provided. No electricity is available at the cabin. Season: May through October, full services; limited services during winter.

August Smart Lock Update Adds Security and Colorful Options

August, the makers of a smartphone-controlled smart lock, is one of those companies and they've just announced a new update to the device that could broaden its appeal beyond the early adopter set. SEE ALSO: Your House: The Next Great Digital Network First

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists

Metafilter user not_the_water gathered the advice from articles, online courses, podcasts, live talks, and a drinking game. Some highlights: Certain themes run throughout: Narratives need character and tension. Collect story ideas everywhere and keep a file.