Submergible Pump

893-09 or -10 pump is equipped with a The new model 893-09 or -10 pump is equipped with a brushless 12 or 24 volt DC motor. The unit can be run in open air or fully submerged in water. The standard pump comes with a 3/8-in. OD smooth outlet and a 3/8-in.

Speed Controls drive brushless DC gearmotors and motors.

They are Ideal for portable or remote applications where connection to an AC line is not possible, such as mobile medical devices, solar powered water circulators, thermal solar power generators, chemical injection pumps at oil wells and automatic gate

The Power Tools That Work Underwater

The Nemo V2 Divers Edition drill can be submersed in up to 50 meters of water a clever bicycle-style air pump before being submerged. How much pressure depends on how deep you're working. At only two feet in my bathtub, it didn't take long to get

Maria’s Bodies

A third died a mile or two away, apparently of a heart attack, in his bathtub. That morning Finally, they located the source of the problem: Two 24-volt batteries had been moved from the broken Generator 1 to generators elsewhere in the complex

Beko, Leading Player in Global Home Appliances Industry, Introduces New Products for US Market

30” Built-In Fridge (BBBF3019SSIM) This beautiful, full-flush designed professional fridge comes with an interior water dispenser and 24” Tall Tub Dishwasher (DDT29430XP) A brushless spray-pump motor removes even the tiniest dirt particles at

Malawi: Home-Grown Wind Power

At an International Workshop on Small Scale Wind Energy for Developing Countries, held in Nairobi last month with joint Danish and Kenyan sponsorship, one paper (abstract included below) cited the multiple problems of sustaining a recent wind power project.

The Scania Christmas Collection 2015

MODEL FIRE ENGINE £62.00 SC2157314 R560 with water pump and warning beacon with sound CAR CHARGER £11.00 SC2410226 USB car charger with dual USB ports. 12V–24V DC. Comes in a gift box. 4. LED BOTTLE OPENER KEYRING £4.00 Aluminuim LED flashlight

Piston Slap: Ozone in Your Own Storage Zone?

Here is a timely question, as up here in snow country we are now packing away our “summer” tires. What is the best way, scientifically, to store tires? I traditionally have: Previously I stored them stacked on their sides. All 4 wheels/rims from each