More debunking of the ex-NASA 49 climate change deniers

that is facile at best and outright nonsense at worst. Of course, many of them touted this letter by the ex-NASA 49 as more proof that climate change is wrong. Amazing. OK, I know reality-based folks do. But keep that paragraph handy when confronted by the

First lady of the Wall of Death: Extraordinary story of the blonde convent girl whose motorbike stunts held seaside crowds spellbound - and the murderous love triangle that

This involved riding a motorbike around the inside of what amounted to a giant wooden barrel, some 18ft high and 32ft in diameter, with only centrifugal force and more than office life and soon took a job selling rock and candyfloss at the funfair

New Or Used?: 400 Horsepower Edition

Don’t get me wrong, the E39 M5 is the high watermark of modern performance saloons, still besting the average interior and steroid styling of today’s CTS-V. But your budget scrapes the bottom of the M5 barrel, high miles and questionable ownership

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

CHEERS - To serendipity I love it when the lead editorial in your newspaper is entitled "BACKLASH" DISMAY over President Bush’s Iraq war, plus public revulsion to Republican scandals and other problems, are swaying America’s mood for the upcoming

Juno reaches Jupiter in a golden age of space exploration

Space exploration is insanely difficult at the best of times, and the five-year journey of the Juno spacecraft is pushing things even further. It is one of the most inspirational things we do, writes Alan Duffy. Famously in space nobody can hear you scream

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings, Warning of Financial Scams

Though the US Securities and Exchange Commission has determined ICOs must be held in accordance with federal securities law, warning of “pump and dump” schemes, a total crackdown has yet to occur stateside. Earlier this year, Chinese regulators lifted

CHRISTMAS Comes Early! EVERYTHING You Want To Know About The Next-Gen BMW M3 And M4!

Under extreme longitudinal acceleration and deceleration, an oil extraction pump and a sophisticated oil return “These two cars are capable of generating quite incredible centrifugal forces,” reported the ex-Formula One driver.

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