New CT Home on Site of Fatal Fire Includes Sprinkler System

Inc donated a residential sprinkler system designed to inundate sections of a home with hundreds of gallons of water in the event of a fire. "In the basement is a 450-gallon water tank with a pump and check valves that lead to pipes spread through the home

Fire Rating$: How your fire department rates could impact what you pay for insurance

"Our pumps for Using the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), ISO’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) program helps insurance companies measure and evaluate the major elements of a community's fire suppression system.

A comparison between the first and the latest Metro

Also, it has twice the required number of pumps for throwing out the seepage water that gets collected in sumps at the end of all the stations and allow immediate evacuation of all. The fire suppression system will also be unique and would for the

Diamond Fire marks 125th anniversary

Hazleton’s Diamond Fire Company No. 2 is celebrating its 125th anniversary this weekend with dinner at Best Western Genetti Inn and Suites in Hazle Township. The fire company formed in 1889 as the northwest section and the north end of the city

Montana Hopes for Ice to Fight Wildfire Amid Historic, Costly Blaze

But thick flakes of snow falling on the area and lower temperatures have raised hopes that more precipitation would follow and help bring an end to the month-long blaze. “Really any sort of measurable precipitation will help. The fire is not going to go

Unacceptable Risk: The Real Price of Coal Mining

Take the Aracoma Alma fire: A federal investigation identified 16 root causes, each of which contributed to the loss of life, including a missing carbon-monoxide alarm at 2 Section, an inadequate fire-suppression system By the end of June 2010 it

Frightening Photos From The Report On The Qantas A380 Incident Show Exactly What Happened

The crew was unable to discharge either of the engine’s two fire extinguisher bottles normally components and improved its quality management system, ATSB reports. Two of the three broken disc sections from the faulty engine No.2 shot all the

Boardwalk elevation is a key safety measure against fires

"We have a street end on every block, so unless the winds are 30, 40, 50 mph, (a fire has a hydrant system right on the Boardwalk capable of generating 1,500 gallons a minute. Exterior hose lines, held up by four firefighters, pump additional streams

Sunset Overdrive Review – On Rails

The main campaign is varied in the tasks it asks you to perform, although there are some sections that make you feel like including a vacuum pump and fire extinguisher. This theme applies to the entire weapon roster. Using the weapons on the go is

Pilot Report: Eclipse 550

The Avidyne components for the Avio computer system failed to live up to expectations. The tiny fire extinguisher bottles leaked batteries were moved from the aft section of the aircraft to the forward end to offset a pronounced aft CG shift when