BP Oil Spill Solution: The Permeable Cone Stocking UPDATED

weirs where oil floats to the surface at out of the top while water flows out the bottom. I've consider this as a potential solution, but this too has a problem; it is a time dependant process and the liquid volumes involved are HUGE. A flotilla ofd such

Flying Sucked Before It Involved Urine-Soaked Seats, Which By the Way, It Apparently Does Now

Flying is terrible these days. It flat-out sucks. From ballooning lines to get through security procedures that mostly don’t work to random fees and seats so small analysts believe they may be safety hazards, it’s really just not a pleasant way to

Pipeline News June 2017

These two rigs, Panther Drilling Rig 1, right, and Rig 3, are standing for the first time in over two years, a sign of hope for an industry that’s had a rough go of it. They can be found east of Weyburn, which is hosting the Saskatchewan