Timeline: The Japanese Nuclear Emergency

IAEA reports that operators able to start one of the diesel generators to reactor No. 6. 2:00 p.m. TEPCO reports water from using fire engine to temporary electrical pump in reactor No. 1 11:50 a.m. Lights in the main control room of reactor No

Apparatus Showcase

The apparatus features a Kenworth T300 Series chassis, 380-hp Paccar P-8 engine, 1,000-gpm Hale MBP PTO pump, 2,500-Imperial gallon custom added to the kitchen scenario simulates a hurricane, flood, tornado and earthquake with lighting and sound

Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amended in 2007)

(2) Planting, development and production of woody edible complete driving rods, automatic gearboxes, fuel pumps of diesel engine, inhalant supercharger of engines, adhesive axial organ(used for four-wheel drive), hydraulic tappet, electronic cluster

The Dance Hall, Wartime Escape

The M10A2 chassis was the Sherman M4 with twin General Motors Diesel engines the other You walked in the Dance Hall and they could tell a dancer so you got grabbed and seated at a table with a group of ATS WAF or Land Girls (boy they could be rough

The 2018 Ford F-150 Adds 1-2 MPG And Can Tow Nearly 1,000 More Pounds

Most of the possible engines/drivetrain combos get a 1 or two MPG bump from last year: 2WD 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost (+ 1 MPG city of torque that beats all diesel- and gasoline-powered competitors, including V8 engines with nearly twice its displacement.

Junkyard Find: 1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS Diesel

Don’t use starting fluid! The Isuzu engine in these things was a very reliable, if gutless, powerplant. How many GM products got this exact HVAC-control panel? The most famous Chevette Diesel in the world is, of course, the Zero Budget Racing car

Clark County at Work: Premier Pump & Power LLC

What the business does: Premier Pump and Power manufactures portable, self-priming pump packages from 21/2 inches to 24 inches diameter discharge. They are built on a trailer or portable skid and are powered by a diesel engine or electric motor.

Second Take: 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

Crowning a Singular Champion: Behind the Scenes at 2 Alfa Romeo Giulia is the 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Porsche Panamera: 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year F Lexus LC: 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist Tesla Model 3: 2018 Motor Trend Car

Auction Catalog for Center Valley Golf Auction

64 - Non-highway diesel fuel tank w/GasBoy elec pump approx 350 gal. capacity, buyer responsible for removal, (2 weeks to remove, must call for appt.) 65 - 1997 EZ-Go Textron golf cart w/canopy & utility body, s/n 1020964, Mfg code E2597 66 - 1997 EZ