Drop-in replacement Stokes 212H and 412H


We know stokes pump is very famous.

The EVP can also provide h-70g & h-150g to replace 212H and 412H. 100% replacement and 100% spare parts from performance to performance. This means that you can pump the pump directly using the EVP spares.

H series piston vacuum pump is a single stage rotary piston vacuum pump, which is a sliding vane vacuum pump.

Is suitable for vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum coating, electrician, electron, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramic, aviation, laboratory and other occasions of vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum impregnation, vacuum brazing, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum concentration, vacuum, vacuum operation of high altitude simulation test, etc.
It can be used alone or in combination with other high vacuum pumps (such as roz pumps, oil diffusion pumps and molecular pumps). Need to add additional equipment (such as filters, gas water separator and 1 # vacuum oil), to prevent gas contains a lot of oxygen, explosives, the corrosion of ferrous metals, chemical reaction in the vacuum oil and more water or dust.

Pump body and pump cover, oil tank and tank cover with sealing groove, O ring seal, reliable sealing, easy to assemble and dismantle;
The oil separator is made of aluminum alloy; Beautiful; Easy to replace.
Pump bearing is a centrifugal pump, separated from the pump room, separately supplying oil, avoiding impurities or harmful gases into the bearing, extending the service life of the bearing;
It is equipped with oil pump and forced lubrication, especially for pumps used in high inlet pressure.