KTN Series oil diffusion pump


The KTN series is mainly used for obtaining high vacuum conditions (10-1-10-5 Pa); Large amount of pumping, pumping speed can be in 3100 l/s to the 110000 l/s within the scope of change, increase the observation window, inlet and the oil outlet, control pump oil overheating protection device, control of cooling water overheat alarm device, and insert the dogan heating rods parallel combination pump, can change under the condition of without shutting down the machine rod, short heating time, low oil steam flow back, without external water baffle, use common pump oil, the volume of 1 * 10-3 mg / ㎡ min, using 275 silicone oil for 1 * 10-4 mg / ㎡ min, ultimate vacuum is wonderful, less than 10 to 6 kpa.

The pump adopts the drawing process, which reduces the weld crack and exhalation and increases the strength.

It is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, electronics, aviation, aerospace science and technology.